Upside down Christmas tree

Hanging a Christmas tree upside down is growing in popularity as a space saver in the home or to give an “edginess” to Christmas decorating. But the practice actually originated back in the 700’s

Hanging upside down Christmas trees is said to have begun with St. Boniface, the eighth century English monk who brought Christianity to Germany and France.

Arriving in Germany, Boniface faced a deep-rooted idolatry among the people. One time he found some folks worshipping a giant oak tree. Angrily, he chopped it down. In its place a tiny evergreen began to grow. Boniface used its triangular shape to explain the Holy Trinity. Soon the fir tree became known as the Trinity Tree, and was hung upside down as a Christian symbol at Christmas.

The upside down tree today is a popular Eastern European Christmas tradition, especially among Slavic people.


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