Thanks to WLAE TV, I am able to enjoy the mass each day as it is televised from the cathedral. I am happy to be a mass supporter and contribute for the celebration to be available for others as well as myself. –M.L.D., Kenner, LA
I’m not Catholic, but I’ve watched the Sunday Mass there (live broadcast from St. Louis Cathedral) for years. I love it. I am enclosing a small check. Thanks a Million! – I. H. D., Metairie, LA
I am 83 years old and can’t get to mass anymore. I would be lost if WLAE didn’t bring the mass to me in my apartment. Because of WLAE, I didn’t miss Archbishop Hannan’s 95th birthday mass from St. Louis Cathedral on May 25th. What an inspiration that was! I will continue my monthly support to WLAE-TV. – J.M., Metairie, LA
I am very thankful for being able to watch the broadcast of the daily Mass from the Cathedral. This is the best way to start my day. I also am thankful for the Rosary broadcast with the Church bishop. Thank you and God Bless You.– A.L., Kenner, LA
I was able to attend morning mass at my Parish for many years. At age 90, I stopped driving so no longer was able to continue. Being able to have mass daily in my home has meant so much to me. – V.M.C., New Orleans, LA
During 6 months of chemotherapy treatments, I could not go to my Episcopal Church in Covington, LA.Each Sunday, I watched the St. Louis Cathedral Mass. It meant a lot to me. Thank you. – B. E., Covington, LA
The reason that I donate to The Daily Mass is that I truly believe it is the greatest gift that I can give to my fellow Catholics – everyday!

The Daily Mass conveniently coming into our homes or anywhere in the world we may happen to be at the time is an awesome gift to each one of us. By way of The Daily Mass, everyday we all come together as one. I believe that St. Padre Pio summed it all up perfectly when he said: “The earth could exist more easily without the sun than without the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Every Holy Mass heard with devotion produces in our souls marvelous effects of abundant spiritual and material graces that we ourselves do not know.”

Starting my day with The Daily Mass gives me a wonderful feeling that stays with me throughout the day. Mrs. M. Schiro, New Orleans, LA

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