The Daily Mass Prayer Wall

Your prayer needs are important to us. As a ministry devoted to prayer, please allow us the privilege to pray for and with you. At, we regularly celebrate Mass in our chapel. We will lift these requests to our Lord as a community in the context of our Mass.

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I and every is others did each only did each is a extra better best happy enjoyable life is made and planned from God within every day before today and today and every day after today. God help me and all others within today and every day after today is given more of each is: money, peace, happiness, living longer life, heal, cure, blessings, miracle, protection, new homes, new clothes, new careers, happy vacations, food, fun, partying, friends, transportation, new best extra better best enjoyable small priced products, and freedom, freely, dental care, healthcare, shoes, land, masses, praying, earnings, wages, best, enjoyable, and longer life, and older ageing, and better happiness, and every we each uses is better extra best enjoyable.

Received: December 5, 2018

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