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Your prayer needs are important to us. As a ministry devoted to prayer, please allow us the privilege to pray for and with you. At, we regularly celebrate Mass in our chapel. We will lift these requests to our Lord as a community in the context of our Mass.

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God has me is every day of today and every day after today is employed with every type of employment God chooses for me to do in my doings, and I uses more best enjoyable fun and more best enjoyable partying, and heal and cure forever, and uses more of my money and every is best enjoyable is only for me to uses I do uses every day before today and today and every day after today, and I is living longer life and older ageing, and has more best happy enjoyable better healthiness in my body and on my body every day , and I am more protected every day, and I am enrolled student in a college and or university (never in Louisiana) and homed and housed in on campus housing every day for more than 8 years and employed on and off campus doing full time and par time employment and I do educate and do graduate from this school and uses my new career to make full of art dresses and stockings and long socks for only me to uses is my India Saudi Arabian American type style I uses every day and I also do make my hats to uses with my dresses, and I do be lied and I is continue to never do sex with others every day for more years, and I do not wed and or marriage someone, and I do rental a small priced hotel room is my blessed home I live alone and uses alone within everyday after I graduate from school from a college and or university and I do be uses grants, Cal fresh type of food and meals on wheels and MEDICAL healthcare and dental care from the state of California, and I do uses only my income and wages and earnings and refunds of money every day and I do uses more movies to view in my room is my blessed home and I do be more alone and I do happy meetings with others doing my new career is more employment, and for my hotel rent of my room to be paid on time every week from only me and I do never invite others to visit and others is never invited to my plenty many fun partying I do alone in the hotel businesses is restaurants, casino games, game rooms, bars, entertainment of music and singing and dancing and other best enjoyable fun partying I like I do, and I do experience my happy death and experience my happy funeral is only for me to I do happy best enjoyable uses, and I did uses more prayers and masses and memorials after my happy death I do uses is only made from God.

Received: December 5, 2018

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