Our Founding Partners

On October 1, 2008, TheDailyMass.com was founded with the generous support of these contributors.


  • Dolores and Edward Levy
  • Spilsbury, Hamilton, Legendre & Paciera, LLC
  • Ralph and Patricia Cox
  • Julia H. Geheeb
  • Very Rev. Neal McDermott, O.P.
  • Joseph B. Nestor
  • John and Helene Chambers
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles Vandegrift
  • Bob and Louise Juckniess
  • Alfred and Janey Lively
  • Julienne A. Erfle
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W., In memory of Paul W. Berezny, Jr.
  • Ms. Angela Stambaugh
  • Mr. Michael Georgeson